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Yomin Noraim Seating

As we near the yomim noraim, the seating committee will be taking Yomim Noraim reservations. Thank you to our committee Nachum Hurvitz and Yehoshua Portnoy for all of their work. They ask you make reservations asap so as to avoid the inevitable last minute rush.
As in the past, seat reservations are for RH and YK (no discounts if you will be here for one of the Yomim Noraim). If you will only be here for part of the Yomim Noraim, please alert the seating committae and they will try to put you in touch with others trying to coordinate partial seating plans. Please email all reservations to:
Seating prices:
Adult (12 and over) 100.00 / Child 75.00
Non member
Adult (12 and over) 175.00 / Child 150.00


Arba Minim

Once again, the Shul will be selling sets of Arba Minim. The sale is a meaningful Shul fundraiser, so thanks in advance for the continued support. The Rov and his team will be inspecting the esrogim and lulalvim beforehand placing the esrogim into three categories, Sug Aleph Plus, Sug Aleph,and Sug Beis. All esrogim and lulalvim can be considered kosher and ready to use for the mitzvah. The Rov will also be available to answer questions during the pickup time.
Please note that due to the rise in shipping costs the shul has to raise the prices accordingly. The price levels are:
Sug Aleph Plus set: $130
Sug Aleph set: $80
Sug Beis set: $65
Chinuch set: $40 (the chinuch esrogim have a reputable hashgocho to use for the mitzvah but are not inspected by the Rov.)
Please note that each set comes with standard hadasim and arrovos packets. We will have mehudar hadasim (Chozen Ish) available for purchase at $7 per pack. Extra standard hadasim at $5 per pack and extra aravos at $4 per pack will be available for purchase as well. Please e-mail your order to There will be one pickup day on Sunday September 12 after Mincha/Maariv in the social hall of the shul.

Sat, November 26 2022 2 Kislev 5783